64 plants grows on one Aeroponics.

Aeroponic methods optimize root aeration, which is the main factor leading to higher yields compared to classical methods of growing potatoes. Aeroponics can produce up to 10 times more yield, faster and at a lower price than conventional cultivation methods. Research conducted The International Potato Center (CIP) indicates that using this technology produces at least 80 tubers from a single plant. Harvesting in aeroponics is very convenient, clean and allows you to better control the size of the tubers by sequential cleaning. Removing dominant large tubers allows the initiation of new tubers, as well as the growth of existing tubers that can subsequently be harvested.


Aeroponic is the process of growing plants in the air without using the soil, in which nutrients are delivered in the form of an aerosol to the roots of plants. Unlike hydroponic, which uses water as a substrate, saturated with the necessary minerals and nutrients to support the growth of plants, the aeroponic method of growing plants generally does not involve the use of substrates. The basic principle of aeroponic growing plants is aerosol spray in a closed environment nutritious,
rich in mineral substances, aqueous solution (hereinafter – mixture). Since an important component growth and development of plants is oxygen, plants grown on the principle of “oxygen saturation “, are in containers in suspended state, their roots open and get maximum air. The root is practically independent, almost autonomous part of the plant with hormonal system and enzymatic apparatus.
He may be minutes to convert absorbed CO2 into carbohydrates, sugars into organic acids, nitrates into amines and amino acids. The plant itself is fixed by the supporting system in the trellised basket, and the roots, irrigated with the nutrient mixture, simply hang in the air in the interior of the plant. The mixture is fed to the roots at short intervals so that the roots do not have time to dry. The leaves and trunk of the plant are isolated from the spray zone. With this approach, the environment remains free from pests and diseases associated with the soil, which means that plants can grow healthy and faster than plants grown in the soil. The use of aeroponics allows the creation of fully automatic plant cultivation systems, which are much simpler than systems using a substrate.

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