About Aeroponics


  • Ecological.

Aeroponical cultivation of plants is considered a safe and environmentally friendly way of obtaining natural, healthy plants and crops. Also, the additional environmental benefits of aeroponics are the savings of water and energy. Compared with the usual growing of plants, aeroponics suggests a lower consumption of water and energy costs per unit of production. Plants fully absorb all the nutrients consumed. Nothing goes into the ground, groundwaters are not polluted, and there is no impact on microbial life in the soil.

  • Absence of plant diseases.

In aeroponics you can limit the transmission of infection by quickly isolating the infected area. In the case of soil, the disease can spread throughout the nutrient medium, infecting many plants. Also, the aeroponical method of cultivation automatically relieves plants from diseases that are inherent in the soil, as well as from a large number of pests living in the ground.

  • Economic.

The main economic advantage of aeroponics is that it does not require land for its production, and as a consequence it is possible to create multi-tier greenhouses for food production. Such an approach will help to solve the problems of a limited number of areas for cultivation of plants, and also will allow to grow food in unfit for agriculture areas. In one Vertical Aeroponics, for example, up to 2 thousand plants can be grown simultaneously with a horizontal area of ​​about 3 sq.m. In comparison with traditional greenhouses, 10-20-fold economy of the area is achieved depending on the cultivated crop. This, of course, leads to significant savings in energy and financial resources.

  • Intensification of production.

An oxygenated root system accelerates the growth and development of plants. Favorable conditions created for crops increase yield several times compared to analogues grown in soil or in a substrate. Accelerated vegetation allows you to harvest several times a year, stably and without reference to fluctuations in the climate. In the classical plant growing there is always a limiting factor – lighting, humidity, lack of food, temperature, lack of CO2, etc. In aeroponics, most of the weak links in the chain are cut off, especially the blocking of elements in the soil. Almost ideal conditions are created for obtaining the maximum yield.

  • Ease of use.

It is very easy to care for plants. When planting, simply insert pre-seeded seedlings into baskets, add water and recommended nutrients to the tank. To update or change it is enough to remove the old plant and rinse the irrigation system.