About IoT ecosystem


It is ecosystem in which the farmer can use the terminals (smartphone, tablet etc.) to send commands or requests to his IoT-devices via the Internet.
Farmers will have the unique opportunity to receive real-time information from remote sensors. Also, farmers will be able to manage executive devices from their account on the AGRoGEORGIA portal.
It is no secret that farmers experience a constant shortage of qualified specialists. The AGRoGEORGIA portal will make it possible to automate many crop growing functions. For example, information about the current parameters of soil temperature and humidity, air temperature and leaf activity sensors will make it possible to optimize the irrigation schedule of plants which will lead to the careful use of water resources and to improve the quality of the crop. Inadequate irrigation leads to plant stress and with excessive irrigation nutrients are washed out into the lower layers of the soil. In the AGRoGEORGIA ecosystem, IoT- valves can perform optimal irrigation based on data collected from IoT-sensors.

AGRoGEORGIA portal will provide farmers with data from:

  • humidity and temperature sensors of two soil layers;
  • air temperature and humidity sensors;
    wind speed sensors;
  • turgor pressure sensors in leaves;
    water flow sensors;
  • sensors for temperature and electrical conductivity of the water mixture;
  • carbon dioxide level sensors (for greenhouses);
  • light sensors (for greenhouses)

In his account on the AGRoGEORGIA portal, the farmer will be able to program:

  • switching on / off / synchronization of pumps and irrigation valves;
  • turning on / off / synchronization of greenhouse lighting;
  • control of other devices equipped with Controllers compatible with the AGRoGEORGIA service.


The technological chain consists of five main elements:

  • Sensors and devices that send data to the system or receive commands or requests from the system;
  • Radio Controllers that are connected to sensors and devices and which provide primary information processing and data exchange with the LoRa-Router by radio;
  • LoRa-Router, which is connected to a wired or 3G Internet. The router provides the exchange of information with IoT-portal;
  • IoT-portal is a server that provides the User with remote access to devices;
  • Smartphone or Laptop of User. Thanks to a convenient interface the User manages his remote devices and receives current information from different parts of his farm.