– Transmit to SMART-CONTROLLER (or controllers, in the case of centralized control of several Aeroponics) information of growing program. In the WEB-interface of the SMART-SERVER it is possible to program the feeding modes of the mixture during the all phases of vegetation period of the plants.
– Transmit to the SMART-CONTROLLER commands to turn on/off phytolamps. In the interface of the SMART-SERVER it is possible to program the day-night mode during the whole vegetation period of the plants.
– Warning of personnel on the need to replace the mixture according to the schedule.
– Receiving from SMART-CONTROLLER and processing the following information:
temperature ans electrical conductivity of the nutrient mixture;
air temperature in the room;
volume of the mixture delivered to the injectors during the injection;
useful phyto lamps voltage and power consumption;
the content of carbon dioxide in the air;
leaf hydrated rate.
– Warning personnel about the output of growing parameters beyond the limits of acceptable values.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 155 x 127 x 48 mm