• Transmit to SMART-CONTROLLER (or CONTROLLERS, in the case of centralized control of several aeroponics) information on the frequency of switching on the electric valve (valves) feeding the mixture to the injectors. In the interface of the SMART-SERVER, it is possible to program the feeding modes of the mixture during the whole vegetation period of the plants.
  • Transmit to the SMART-CONTROLLER commands to turn on/off phytolamps. In the interface of the SMART-SERVER, it is possible to program the day-night mode during the whole vegetation period of the plants.
  • Warning of personnel on the need to replace the mixture according to the schedule.
  • Receiving from sensors and processing the following information:
    temperature of the nutrient mixture; air temperature in the room; electrical conductivity of the mixture; pH of the mixture; volume of the mixture delivered to the injectors during the injection; relative humidity (optional); useful light flux (PAR) phytolamps; a useful luminous flux (PAR) of solar illumination entering the greenhouse; the content of carbon dioxide in the air (optional);Warning personnel about the output of one or more installation parameters beyond the limits of acceptable values.
  • Control the process of charging the battery of the uninterruptible power supply of sensors.


All information is sent to the SERVER via RS485 BUS. To adjust the modes of operation of aeroponics, a convenient WEB interface is used. Remote monitoring of system operation via the Internet is possible.
Using a SMART-SERVER with an HDD drive, you can store information obtained during all phases of plant development for statistical recording.


The SMART-SERVER uses a modern WEB-interface. You can go to the controller’s menu, knowing the IP-address (url) of the device. To gain local access to the controller, you can connect to it via an Ethernet cable.
In order to connect to the controller remotely, it is necessary to connect the controller to the Internet router. If it is a Wi-Fi router, then you can control the controller locally or remotely via Wi-Fi from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.



As the communication between the SMART-SERVER and SMART-CONTROLLERS installed in aeroponics installations, the industrial RS-485 interface is used. Together with the RS-485 bus, an uninterruptible + 12V bus is laid to all sensors. When a SMART-CONTROLLER is connected to a data bus, the SMART-SERVER automatically inserts the SMART-CONTROLLER into a new line in the MONITORING menu with its serial number.

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