Mixture Eс and Temperature sensor


Electrical conductivity (Ec) is a measure of dissolved salts in mixture. The more salt content the more Ec and vice versa. The Ec is expressed in miliSiemens per centimeter (mS/cm). The electrical conductivity must be adjusted in accordance with the temperature of the greenhouse. As the temperature rises plants need to absorb more water. Plants should be helped by maintaining conductivity at a low level or even below the recommended level.


Electro conductivity sensor is combined with a temperature sensor.
Wire assignment
White (A) conductivity – input
Yellow (V) conductivity – output
Red NTC 10k thermistor – signal
Black NTC – earth
Measurement range 0 … 20 mS/cm
Structure of the electrode Bipolar
Electrode material 316L steel
Threaded connection 1/2 “, thread pitch NPT
Working pressure 0 … 5 MPa
Temperature range 0-50ºC
Thermal sensor type NTC 10k