The SMART-CONTROLLER controls the solenoid valve through which the nutrient solution is supplied to the irrigation system. The period and duration of irrigation is set by the growing program that the user selected in the SETTINGS menu. The serial number of the SMART-CONTROLLER is registered in the same menu.
Communication between the SMART-CONTROLLER and the SMART-SERVER is via Wi-Fi.
The SMART-CONTROLLER receives information about the irrigation schedule and works autonomously according to a given program until a new schedule is received. That is, even when the
connection with the SMART-SERVER is interrupted there is no failure in the irrigation of plants.
The SMART-CONTROLLER receives data from the flow sensor and sends information about the
current flow rate to the SMART-SERVER. The SMART Server analyzes this data and sends an alarm
message to the user if the parameter exceeds the permissible limits. For example, an increased flow
rate of the solution indicates a leak in the system and a reduced flow rate may be a sign of clogged
nozzles. Information on the flow rate of the mixture is displayed in the MONITORING menu too.




The SMART-CONTROLLER is housed in a waterproof enclosure and is powered by 12V which makes it safe to use the device in rooms with high humidity.

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