SMART-CONTROLLER is designed for:
  • Measuring of mixture main parameters (Temperature, pH, Ec, Level, Flow during injection);
  • Measuring of environment parameters (Air temperature, fitolamp PAR, external PAR);
  • Mixture electromagnetic valve turn on/off or pump turn on/off;
  • Fitolamp 220VAC power turn on/off;
  • Receiving of SMART-SERVER command by RS-485 line;
  • Transmitting measured data to SMART-SERVER through RS-485 line.


LEVEL OF THE MIXTURE. The SMART-CONTROLLER includes a flow sensor for the mixture. In normal operation, the flow rate of the mixture will correspond to the duration of the electrical valve. In the event of an accident in the system (leakage of the mixture or the obstruction of a part of the injectors), the volume of the consumed mixture will accordingly increase or decrease. SMART-SENSOR, in this case, will give the operator information about the accident.


PAR LEVEL. In the SMART-CONTROLLER the level of measurement PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) is produced by its own sensor, using an indirect method, that is, the light sensor is calibrated for measurement of the level of the PAR emitted LED lamps that are recommended by the aeroponics
manufacturer. In the event that the buyer of the aeroponics involves using lighting devices not included in the list recommended, mandatory additional calibration of the illumination sensor by service personal of company – manufacturer.


MIXTURE & AIR TEMPERATURE. SMART-CONTROLLER has a temperature sensor for the nutrient mixture (combined with a conductivity meter for the mixture). If the temperature falls outside the normal range, the operator receives an alarm message. SMART-CONTROLLER makes measurements of air temperature indoors. If the air temperature falls outside the normal range, the controller sends a message to the operator. In turn, the operator must take measures for cooling (airing or conditioning) or heating the room.

MIXTURE pH. The top of the aeroponics reservoir has a standard pH sensor for the nutrient mixture.
The design of the pH sensor involves the use of a special porous glass, which tends to degrade during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to make quarterly measurements of the pH of the mixture with a control device. If the parameters do not match, the sensor must be replaced with a new one.

MIXTURE Ec. On the top panel of mixture reservoir there is installed a conductivity sensor of the mixture, combined with a temperature sensor. In case of excess, dilute the mixture with water, gradually approaching the nominal level. Add a little water through the nozzle of the topping of the mixture into the aeroponics and after 2-3 hours look at the value of the Ec parameter in the WEB interface of the SMART-controller. Repeat until the result is achieved.

Within a few weeks of plant operation, the Ec level should decrease, as the plants gradually absorb nutrients from the solution. If the Ec level falls below “0.5” (or, in any case, after a month of using the solution), the mixture must be replaced with a new one.]

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